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Bill C-61 & Copyright Law in Canada, A lecture by Russell McOrmond

Wednesday, October 1, 2008 | Start Time: 17:30 End time: 19:30 | EIT 1015, University of Waterloo [1]

As the internet has become the most prominent form of communication, copyright law is struggling to keep up with the ever increasingly fast paced changes in information technology. Bill C-61 is a proposed set of changes to copyright law in Canada that many feel is very dangerous to software creators, particularly advocates of free software and open source.

Join Russell McOrmond as he demystifies Bill C-61, copyright law, and the current intellectual property law crisis in Canada and internationally.

Russell McOrmond has been in the Internet and Free/Libre and Open Source Software business since the early 1990's. He became involved in related public policy in the summer of 2001 when the federal government started consultations on what was being called a Canadian Digital Millennium Copyright Act (on the tails of the USA’s DMCA, considered a “four letter word” by many techies). Russell is well versed in copyright law and is a prominent fair copyright and free software advocate.

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