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We are contacting you to see if you would be interested in releasing some of your course material to the educational commons.

Why would I want to give away my course material?

Releasing course material is a step towards community education, and provides flexibility to restructure material, update, or translate it. All of these are powerful features for users and content writers which were not found in traditional educational resources.

Open educational resources provide students with the means to access course materials for free, quickly reference past courses and save money and paper every term. Text books and course notes can easily cost a student $500 a term.

Unlike educational resources under traditional "All Rights Reserved" copyright, open educational resources can be used and updated by different professors, even across faculties.

While two universities may use the same course notes, students are more attracted to the university with passionate professors, rigorous programs, and valuable extra-curricular activities. It is Universities that can provide these things that attract students, and not those with perceivedly superior course material.

Why my material?

The reason that your material is valuable to the educational commons is that it is planned, structured and useable. Writing courses from scratch can be very unstructured, the results are sometimes not useable, and may require several revisions.

It seems that maintaining open educational resources would take a lot of work.

The only thing required from professors and other contributors is that they provide us with the content in whatever form is easiest for them, and sign a form releasing the content under a liberal license.

What is the educational commons?

The educational commons is the collection of all educational resources which have been freely released, worldwide.

What are my rights as a content creator?

By default you as a content creator have the exclusive right to redistribute, modify (ie translate or update) your content. You also maintain the exclusive right to be credited for your work. As a result no one may make any use of your content without your explicit or implicit permission. You are not held accountable for any interpretations or revisions which compromise the integrity of your work.

What rights would I be granting others?

By contributing resources to the educational commons you grant people the right to redistribute or modify (ie translate or update) your work, as long as you are properly credited.

What do I need to do?

In order to release your work to the educational commons, please review and sign the enclosed document. Forward any work which you wish to release or provide a URL to the content.

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