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Below are the minutes for the April 9, 2008 meeting of WSIC to discuss open educational resources. It was held 7:00-9:30pm in MC 3001 (Comfy Lounge).



Current situation

(Discussion about a survey for professors about their courseware)


Things we want (1-4 from John Ladan's e-mail):

  1. course info, assignments, etc. not on uwace
  2. reasonable quality course notes, or use of a free textbook
  3. online submission available for all assignments (environmentalism)
  4. a better, more efficient service than uwace for online quizzes, marks, etc. (note: course goals, summary, etc. should be available to everyone. However, maybe whole course notes should have reduced availability.)
  5. (Biggs) course materials must be made available in open formats

(Discussion about encouraging individual professors to relicense their courseware, vs. a department or even University-wide initiative)

Open formats

We need to consider what arguments we will be given by departments and admin. (This may apply to both "Open formats" and "Which license to promote?".)

Which license to promote?

What do we want out of a courseware license?

(long discussion about copyright, public performances, etc.)

Course of action

Where do we go from here?

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