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Russell McOrmond

The talk went well. And we should do more.

Free Culture Conference

None of us can go. If you wanna go - you can simply email the dudes.

Today's Open Access Talk

The Liason Librarian (Chemical Engineering, Biology) gave a talk about Open Access (Denver went). She talked about the details about getting papers Open Accessed. Some journals requires you to pay $3000 to open your work. (There was a fight with Stephen in here). Most journals don't require this fee, but most reputable ones do. Researchers don't also understand the fact it's not open access to simply put it on the web. Now, some universities will pay the $3000 to open it up, but at the same time, UW wont. Mostly because the solution is bad (according to Mr. Stephen).

There's a thing about Open Content Activities and how the Librarian might be able to help us.

Scivee.tv and Jove.com are "YouTube" for researchers (with Peer Reviewed articles) talk about articles (and usually the articles).

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