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Below are the minutes for the September 30, 2008, general meeting of WSIC. It was held 4:00-6:00pm in SLC 2103.


Tomorrow Night

DUDE! He's talking!

Table Day

We have old CD's. We can give those away. We should also give away different musics. Book the Great Hall, get a projector, play music - whatnot. We should give away our old metal and NIN and then make new Techno/whatnot. Someone also suggested Hip-Hop.

Ambient, Hip-Hop, Leftover Metal, Leftover NIN, Softrock, Techno, Intersting Movies and Misc.

Stephen can do Softrock, Sean can do somez Techno, the otherz can be decided later, some else edit the fucking wiki.

We should create a webpage based on the old web page.

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