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Who Was Here

First Action Item

Have FSNBP book SLC 2136 every week for the next term.

We should also have communications person be able to post to the list - and do so!

Clubs Day

We needz a booth. Et les Dudes. Ok - we need to build a board - perhaps a reusable one. http://pzwart.wdka.hro.nl/mdr/research/lliang/mdr/mdr_images/opencontent.jpg/ LIST it should be magical and has email, name, Student ID Ends of this month - throw to FSNBP Who should submit monies.


Do some submitting a form to get a bunch money to throw at Russell McOrmond. We need this huge amount of money - and need to use the grant stuff from FEDS.


We need to make a poster of some form to give to the societies. We need to book a room of some form. I am thinking the Great Hall or something less obnoxious. MPR maybe. I'll talk to Evan - hopefully tomorrow. Talk with Evan is also good. Because I want this to work. Now.

Item of Awesome

We should do some magic and do the work of making an information package for profs who wish to do magic. I think we should provide things like Links to the MIT courseware as well as hardcopy of most of a course (if that is feasible).

Next Meeting

Next Tuesday 1600. FSNBP to book room SLC2136. Talk about info pack. Follow up on McCormand talk. Discuss any relevant things from clubs day and re us being a club.

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