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Below are the minutes for the May 27, 2008, general meeting of WSIC. It was held at 1900 in SLC 2136.



Meeting Bookings

Figuring out how to get more than one person able to pick up the room key

Open Everything Event

Open Content Awareness Event - $40 a person - includes dinner. It's an "Unconferency discussion" and a dinner. Toronto next Wednesday at 1:30.

Table Day

Date: A Tuesday or Thursday

Booking the Great Hall protocol needed

Showing movies:

We will need CD's and a person to fill them

Club Logo

For promotional materials and perhaps the CD's. WSIC - with C as the copyleft symbol as a suggestion.

Course Content

Denver has CD's from distance ed courses. The problem is that we don't have permission from professor who built the content. We should talk to people about CC licensing their content. Perhaps we should do this as a club. We will be given copies of the CD's. Denver will be contacting the professor owning the content - Jan Narveson.

Memo on Open Content to MP's

Denver has a memo on Open content written for Bill C-60. Sean will be modifying it and attempting to expand to 5 pages with a 2 page summary. The club will be working on getting this out.

Open Information Databases

If we want to start creating some open content from current university courses owned by profs without changing all of the university's policy we need to get a database for content, examples include: Wikiversity Conexions OpenOCW The problem with Wikiversity being that it requires formatting mostly.

Next meeting

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