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Below are the minutes for the May 20, 2008, general meeting of WSIC. It was held at 1900 in SLC 2136.



Going Over Survey Results

One survey was handed out - this is an organizational issue - we should - in response to this we should attempt to work on our execution rather than simply planning.


Former Event: "October 29 Open Content Awareness Event" Event Idea: Watching a presentation by Lawrence Lessig on Open Content and Free Culture (possibly relevant for WLSG, such as [1]).

If we want another OCA Event to work we need:

Movie Night Ideas: Suggestion - Good Copy Bad Copy (with editing) Suggestion - Presentation by Lawrence Lessig [2] with discussion afterwards

Speaker Ideas:

EVENT DATE Tuesday or Thursday in early June (3rd or 5th) Plan next week

Copyright Bill

Tabled in the next 2 weeks - let's get it and highlight the problems.

Next meeting

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